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Millit Machined Clip- Unique Milled Pattern


Millit’s Unique Milled Array Pattern is machined to match the Wilson Patterns on CRK products. Select the Model.

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Millit Machined Clips are designed to match and enhance the aesthetics CRK’s exceptional folding knives. Precision made for a perfect fit, these clips fit most CRK folding knife models.

Fits CRK:

  • Small & Large Sebenza 21
  • Umnumzaan
  • Small & Large Inkosi
  • Sebenza 25

These clips also fit other knives that use a single screw such as the Burnley Kihon and Parana Knife products.

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Sm21, Lg21, LH Lg21, Umnumzaan, LH Umnumzaan, Lg Inkosi, LH Lg Inkosi, Sm Inkosi, LH Sm Inkosi


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