Every MillIt knife is covered by our limited lifetime warranty and also comes with complimentary service and tuning for the life of your knife. 

DEFECTS: If at any time, any part of your knife fails due to a defect in material or manufacturing issue, it is covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

SERVICE: If your knife needs serviced due to normal use, that service is complimentary for the life of your knife. As part of the service, we will sharpen and tune your knife, you just have to pay for shipping.

NEGLECT OR ABUSE: If there is an issue outside of a manufacturing defect, we will address it on a case by case basis, evaluate what it will take to fix and provide a quote before proceeding. Any treatment that can be considered abuse of the intended use will void all warranties.

MODIFICATIONS: If you acquire a Millit knife or your needs have changed and you would like to upgrade or change the setup, we can help with that. Get in touch and we’ll talk through what can be done. Modifications done outside the factory can void the warranty.


Simply put…If there is any type of issue, contact us; to the best of our ability, we will make it right. You’ll talk to a human. We’ll determine the best path forward and proceed from there. 

Please do not ship any knives or parts to us until we have discussed the issue. Once we have discussed the repair, print and complete the Service & Warranty Form and include it in the package.

For information regarding Returns, see our Shipping & Returns page.